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I help health & wellness brands get their products to market and quickly maximize financial returns by strategically branding and packaging their products, and launching their store for success.

Your product branded, packaged, and on the market in the next 80 days.

Do you have a great product but don't know where to start to get it packaged, seen and sold online? Rise Design turns your product into an alluring brand entirely from scratch, maximizes its saleability based on your target market, and gets it on the market quickly so you can reap the financial returns.


As a retired professional athlete, I have a vested interest in and unique advantage in understanding what makes health, wellness, and fitness-related products sell. Ever since I can remember, I have been your target market and live amongst a vast network of them.

This, compounded with over ten years of experience as a creative director in visual branding and marketing, means that I am uniquely equipped to create a strong and winning brand for your product that stands out loud in a crowd and sells quickly.


If you're interested in getting your product to market but don't know where to start, register below for your complimentary 15-minute strategy call.

Jordanna Peroff has helped over 100 brands cohesively formulate and launch their brands.

My clients are some of the biggest leaders in their markets, and I have helped them build iconic and authoritative brands that bring measured return on investment.


What we can cover on a free 15-minute strategy session:

  • Explore who your target market is and how to get in front of them

  • Understand the basics of standing out as an authority in a competitive space

  • Determine the best strategy for you to get your product to market and start selling

  • Establish the framework for a personalized launch calendar to get you more sales fast

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