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I help Real Estate agents secure more listings by aligning your brand positioning and marketing with the needs of the unique community that you serve. 

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Are you struggling to get quality leads in your Real Estate business? Do you find you're losing deals to other agents that aren't as qualified or experienced as you?

With a family legacy in real estate and over ten years of experience as a creative director in visual branding, my specialty is creating a brand that stands out in a sea of agents and conveys authority. I take care of everything from your logo to your listing presentation and everything in between, re-launching your business in a way that will bring you more qualified leads and make you more money.

You are your local expert and I am committed to helping you successfully communicate this to potential buyers and sellers in your region so you can focus on selling and whatever matters most to you.


If you're interested in closing more deals this year, register below for your complimentary 15-minute strategy call with Jordanna, our founder and lead expert.

Jordanna Peroff has helped over 100 brands cohesively formulate and launch their businesses.

My clients are some of the biggest leaders in their markets including Canada and the United States, and I have helped them build iconic and authoritative brands that bring measured return on investment.


What we can cover on a free 15-minute strategy session:

  • How to define your target market and be seen as an authority in your community

  • How to understand your community’s unique needs and be the answer they’re looking for

  • How to stand out when a prospect is shopping around for an agent

  • How to turn happy clients into marketers for your business

  • Determine the best strategy for you to increase lead flow and win listings

  • Establish the framework for a personalized launch calendar of deliverables to get you more leads fast

Let's get you more listings this year. Book your call now.

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